80s Party
11/11/2023 & 01/27/2024
Appropriate to the beginning of Fasnet we also start again with one of our glorious 80s parties.
It takes place already for the 5th time in the EIL.GUT.HALLE!
Entry starting at 7:00 p.m.
Advance ticket sales: 10.- €
Tickets are available in the EIL.GUT.HALLE and in the Lindaupark (starting 15.09.2023).

Box office: 15.- €
26/11/2023, 14/01/2024 & 25/02/2024
A fascinating KRIMI.DINNER awaits you!
Salvador Manzanares, once the greatest bullfighter in Spain, celebrates his comeback! He invites the Spanish high society to a lavish party on his estate in Seville. But no sooner has the fiesta begun than things turn out quite differently than expected ... Instead of a glorious comeback: two dead bulls and a dead torero!
What is the role of the mysterious opera diva who enchants everyone with her singing? Is the son of the matador sabotaging the paternal comeback or is even the wife playing a false game? Is anyone here showing their true colors at all? One thing is clear: nothing is as it seems under Spain's blazing hot sun!
95.- € including aperitif and menu
Tickets can be purchased by giving your billing address to the EIL.GUT.HALLE on 08382 911-1240 or by email to info@eilguthalle.li or directly from the theater production at "https://www.zimtundzyankali.de/tickets-kaufen".
Weihnachtsmenü 3 Gang
Getrüffelte Cremesuppe von Schwarzwurzeln I Pilzcrepinette
Rosa gebratene Barbarie- Entenbrust I Orangen-Hibiskus Sauce I Sellerie I Dattelpüree I Rosenkohl
(Bunte Gemüsevariation I Selleriepüree I La-Ratte Kartoffeln)
Bratapfel gefüllt mit Marzipan, Mandeln und Rosinen I Vanille-Tonkabohnensauce
49,00 €
Weihnachtsmenü 4 Gang
Schaumsuppe von Roter Beete I Meerrettich-Espuma
Trüffelravioli I Nussbutter I Rucola I Parmesan
Geschmorte Kalbsbacke I Kartoffelpüree I Wurzelgemüse I Barolojus
Gebratenes Zanderfilet I Walnuss I Risotto I Rucola
(Violette Gnocchi I Salbeibutter I Kirschtomaten I Pinienkerne)
Orangen-Crème Brûlée I Glühwein-Feigen I Lebkuchen-Eis
59,00 €
When choosing one of our Christmas menus for your Christmas party from December 01, a mulled wine welcome and the use of the curling ice rink are included in the menu price.
Inquiries may be directed to the EIL.GUT.HALLE by phone at 08382 911-1240 or via mail to info@eilguthalle.li